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When advertising at our web site you will gain full access to your profile administration and statistics of your listing and advertising banner clicks.

For Banner sizes and options, see prices and description below:

Advertising Prices at Pages United Directory

Banner on the Home Page ($400.00 Per Month)

This is definitely the most efficient type of advertising that will give you a world-wide exposure of your Business to thousands and thousands of visitors every day. You can post your graphic (468 X 60 pixels) or text banner, which will be displayed on top of the main search area.

Please click here to order.

Side Banner on the Home Page ($200.00 Per Month)

This banner is displayed to all users visiting the home page. This type is intended for businesses targeting wider geographical area and is excellent for businesses trying to expend their products and services world-wide.
This ad is 160x80 pixels & will be displayed on the side of the home page.

Please click here to order.


Search Ad ($100.00 Per Month)

Advertisements based on your Category, Service/Product or keywords. Every day many visitors from across the globe search the Pages United Directory to find the Business, service or the product they need. Would you like to be on the top of the search results when search is performed for your product or service? This is another way to attract TARGETED visitors to your listing and profile. (160x80 pixels)

Please click here to order.


Banner In Selected Directory ($50.00 Per Month)

This is another effective type of advertising where you target specific customers that are interested in your type of business, Service or product. Your banner would be listed on top of the category on all pages for that category. (160x80 pixels)

Please click here to order.


Side ad In Selected Directory ($20.00 Per Month)

If you are looking for inexpensive advertising, this is a perfect solution. Your ad will be shown in selected category on the side of the page. The size of this side ad is 160 X 80 pixels that could be in graphics or in text.

Please click here to order.


Standard Free Business Directory Listing - If you are not ready for paid advertising, we offer free listings as well. You may simply register your Business on-line as the Basic listings are free for all businesses and organizations. Please go to List your Business for more information.

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